Building culture in Saxony`s villages

Schlagwitz, Haus-Detail

Villages have developed over centuries to become what they are today. The history of their settlement, development of land use, social development, local architectural traditions and the dynamic relationship between the inhabitants and their environment can all be seen in the architecture and structure of villages.

Over the course of this development, each generation has made its own contribution depending on its way of life, its ideas and outlooks, and the conditions of that particular time, shaping the village layer by layer.

Village architecture is a never-ending joint project that involves all neighbours and spans all generations.

The Project “Baukultur in Sachsens Dörfern” (Architecture in the Villages of Saxony), organised by Landesverein Sächsischer Heimatschutz e.V. (a registered association for conservation and the preservation of cultural heritage in Saxony) illustrates and documents exceptional examples of this development. The villages featured in the project are remarkable for their valuable historical buildings, the quality of the structure of their settlement and their integration into the surrounding landscape.

Further information about the villages of the greatest architectural interest is to follow.

The Project “Baukultur in Sachsens Dörfern” is funded by the Saxon Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture.


Das Projekt “Baukultur in Sachsens Dörfern” wird vom Sächsischen Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Landwirtschaft gefördert.

Villages of particular architectural quality or  development potential