The initiative „Sachsens Schönste Dörfer“

Sachsens Schönste Dörfer, the Most Beautiful Villages in Saxony Association is an independent subdivision under the umbrella organisation Landesverein Sächsischer Heimatschutz e.V. (a registered association for conservation and the preservation of cultural heritage in Saxony).

The association’s aims are laid down in its statutes. The group strives to support the preservation, maintenance, appropriate use, and development of architectural heritage of villages in Saxony. In order to do this, the group strives to support villages in Saxony that represent this heritage by:

  1. Exchange of experience and expert advice on the stated aims
  2. Means of public relations, image management, providing suitable models and education in order to develop greater awareness amongst the general public and public institutions for the value of cultural heritage and the importance of its preservation
  3. Encouraging inhabitants to identify more closely with the cultural heritage of their village and thus strengthen their attachment to the local area
  4. Improving and expanding the profiles of the villages involved
  5. Improving quality of life in villages by attracting trade and business and increasing the villages’ desirability
  6. Opening the villages up for tourism and developing the architecture’s profile as a unique feature in order to motivate inhabitants to preserve and maintain it
  7. Representing the variety of rural agriculture in the different regions of Saxony
  8. Cooperating with national and international partners that support these aims.Gruendung IG SachsensSchoensteDoerfer