Saxony is home to a great number of valuable buildings that bear witness to its rural architecture. Historical buildings and sites that reflect the style typical for the region, as well as the activities they were traditionally used for, can be found in many villages. The structure of the villages tells the story of their settlement and development over the centuries.

Sachsens Schönste Dörfer (The Most Beautiful Villages of Saxony Association) is a group of enthusiasts whose aim is to preserve and develop this cultural heritage, whilst making it come alive for visitors. The association is made up of a network of villages where many buildings and historical features of the settlement have been particularly well-preserved. These villages are characterised by the respect with such features are treated. However, the villages are not open-air museums, but are very much alive and for the people that live there they are home. The way in which the function and appearance of villages has changed is also part of their history, which is very much alive. Along with the aim of preserving cultural heritage, “Sachsens Schönste Dörfer” also strives to repair structural and architectural defects in the long-term.

You can find out more about the villages in the network and the activities we do on the following pages. Be inquisitive!